16 June 2023 0 By irfan.mubarik41@gmail.com

When you have our warranty, there is no need to worry.

On Dairymachineryequipment.com, we exclusively provide high-quality items. Because of this, practically all of the equipment available here comes with a 2-year warranty. The sole exception is large pasteurizers, which in the EU have a warranty of one year. Aside from the EU, there is a limited warranty.

Please be aware that the original invoice date or the original sales receipt serves as the starting point for the warranty period.

Equipment flaws brought on by manufacturing errors are remedied without charge within the warranty period, either by repair or replacement of the offending parts. Which of the ways is used is up to Milky Day’s discretion.


A defect or disturbance is not warranted if it was brought on by:

  • accidental, abusive, or incorrect usage, assembly, installation, or exposures, particularly when these actions are done in violation of the user guide, installation instructions, or safety guidelines.
  • Damages brought on by transportation, negligence, changes in or failures of the power supply, force majeure, weather-related effects, other natural occurrences, or the operating environment.
  • Harm caused by the use of components that were not produced by, were removed from, or were not authorised by the manufacturer, as well as damage caused by the use of accessories that the manufacturer had not approved.
  • Damages resulting from servicing features, interventions, alterations, or modifications that are not made by the manufacturer or the manufacturer’s authorised agents.
  • Regular wear and tear damage and common abrasion
  • Damages resulting from failure to maintain and clean in accordance with the operation manual

Additionally, the guarantee does not cover engine problems brought on by milk or water intrusion.