Air-handling units AeroMaster XP are designed for comfortable ventilation and air conditioning of both standard rooms and clean rooms where the air flow up to 28.000 m3/h is demanded. Flat air-handling units AeroMaster FPare perfect for ventilation and air conditioning of administrative and commercial spaces, restaurants and other rooms with the air flows up to 4.000 m3/h. Vento duct system represent modular air handling system intended for applications with air flows up to 10.000 m3/h.
Air-handling units AeroMaster XP are intended for mounting on the floor and are supplied with a subframe mounted in production. AeroMaster FP units are intended for suspension below the ceilings.Thanks to the aesthetical design they can be used in rooms without false ceilings as well. In case of installation into the false ceiling the users will certainly appreciate its low height. Individual components of the system, including mixing, cooling and heat recovery can be composed into an air-handling configurations or freely combined with the air handling duct.
Panel construction with excellent casing attenuation characteristics and variable built-in elements determine these units to be used in all applications. Because of the sandwich constructionof the panels and optimised design of fans the units reach excellent noise parameters. Modular conception enables project solutions to be perfectly customized to difficult conditions. The units are ideal for reconstructions and spatially difficult buildings.
The AeroMaster XP units are available in seven dimension series. The AeroMaster FP units are available in two dimension series. The Vento system is manufactured in nine dimension series


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